Sunday, 20 March 2016

Local Portfolio Log March 2016

A good day to all,

Since my last update, the markets have fallen further, and then rallied back. Unfortunately, I have had not as much cash as I would have liked in my war chest to take advantage of the cheaper asset prices, due partly to emptying out a large part of it in the August 2015 dip, as well as increased expenditure over the past few months for leisure purposes.

Nevertheless, I have added another 5000 units of Keppel DC REIT, as well as 200 shares of UOB to the local portfolio. I decided to add to Keppel DC REIT due to its stable earnings so far (which slightly exceeded post-IPO expectations), decent balance sheet as well as price weakness. Of course the same risks remain; a majority of its debt being due in 2018, as well as the the nature of data centre assets depreciating over time place downward pressure on it's NAV. After this purchase however, I think I will have a 'just nice' amount of exposure to this sector as a total percentage of my portfolio.

For UOB, the reason I got more of it is the same as the in the previous post, and of course price weakness over the past few months. Compared to DBS and OCBC though, UOB's share price hasn't rallied as hard as them in the recent recovery.

You may notice that even though the portfolio value has gone up significantly since the last update, due to share purchases as well as the broad market rally the average monthly dividend has stagnated, due mainly to large dividend cuts by companies with large exposure to the oil and gas sector, Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Industries.

Stock  Shares Market Value (S$) % of Portfolio
SingTel 6000 23,340.00 13.08%
ST Engineering 5000 16,150.00 9.05%
SATS 4000 15,640.00 8.77%
SIA Engineering 4000 14,320.00 8.03%
Keppel Corp 2000 12,240.00 6.86%
Keppel DC Reit 10000 10,850.00 6.08%
Ascendas Reit 4000 9,920.00 5.56%
Sembcorp Ind 3000 9,510.00 5.33%
CapitaCom Trust 6000 8,820.00 4.94%
CapitaMall Trust 4000 8,560.00 4.80%
UOB 400 7,716.00 4.32%
VICOM 1000 6,010.00 3.37%
ComfortDelGro 2000 5,940.00 3.33%
Cache Log Trust 7000 5,915.00 3.31%
Suntec Reit 3000 5,100.00 2.86%
Boustead 6000 4,980.00 2.79%
SingPost 3000 4,935.00 2.77%
Super Group 4000 4,280.00 2.40%
Keppel Reit 3000 3,000.00 1.68%
Boustead Proj 1800 1,206.00 0.68%

Portfolio Value $178,432
Dividends (Feb-Mar) $920.28
Average Monthly Dividends $711
No change in composition for my overseas portfolio so far, although the British Pound has weakened quite a bit to the Singapore Dollar.

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